A Post About Another Post

      Recently, I was inspired to write a comedic post about Conjure, a Magic: The Gathering magazine from 1994. Conjure is a charmingly incompetent relic seemingly published by a team of guys killing time before the refill date for their anti-psychotic meds. As I wrote this post, though, I found myself with a problem: in order to write the sort of article I wanted to write, the piece was turning out to be pretty insider-y. That is to say, an audience without some understanding of the game of Magic would probably be fairly lost. As such, it didn't seem to be a great fit with the rest of my site (no mean feat for a blog combining lunchmeat reviews with an exhaustive analysis of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark). Rather than dilute the article, or scrap it entirely, I decided to see if a site dedicated to Magic content might be interested in it. I contacted noted Magic rabble-rouser Dr. Jeebus, proprietor of just such a site, mtgbrodeals.com, and after a bit of back and forth, the good Dr. was kind enough to post my piece. I really appreciate the mtgbrodeals approach to content; it is, shall we say, far less stuffy than your average MTG site (I can feel free to use swears where appropriate), and it encourages an unconventional, creative look at the game rather than the industry standard of fairly dry analytical articles. For example, one gentleman, Jack LaCroix, has written a couple of very amusing pieces about the game as viewed through the lens of Gonzo journalism. The site as a whole represents a refreshing take on a game that oftentimes is taken way too seriously. And no, I am not getting paid to say this. If you would like to check out my foray into collectible card game nostalgia, or if you're just morbidly curious, here's the link: Conjure Magazine: Yep, This Was a Thing.
     I'd like to extend a hearty thank you to Dr. Jeebus for helping share my work with an appropriate audience, and for putting my post right below one from Syd Lexia. Oddly, this blog already has a somewhat tenuous link to Syd Lexia's website that, until now, no one but me has ever known about. You see, last October I wanted to write a Halloween-themed article about the NES game Monster Party. As I was researching it, I came across Syd's fantastic article on that same topic. After reading it, I realized that the quintessential Monster Party article had already be written, thus rendering my initial plan rather pointless. I then decided to instead write my Scary Stories blog, which is far and away the most-read post I've ever, uh, posted. So yeah, funny how that all works. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my Magic article if you happen to check it out. I'll be back with a more standard post (at least as standard as things ever get around here) some time in the near future, unless I contract malaria or something.


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