Roasted Like Ever

I realize that this post is nothing particularly new; the video I'm about to show you is fairly infamous and has been viewed nearly a million times on YouTube as of this writing. However, since at least 10% of those views are just from me, I figure there's a decent chance that many of you have never seen it, and I simply must do what I can to spread it to the masses. Without further ado, the Iron Mic Challenge:

Honestly, there is very little I can say about this that hasn't already been said better. For example, here is a pretty good breakdown of it, and the comments section here has some classic material. All I can suggest is to watch this video a few times. Appreciate the nuances. See Marv-O act mad Hom-o as he rubs on J-Dub like he was Eva Mendes. Ponder how judge A-14 "Action" Jackson resembles a poor man's Jamie Foxx as he once and for all settles the debate regarding the difference between "good" and "great." Notice how Marv-O is sort of like the chopped and screwed version of Dwayne Wayne from A Different World.

Some people have taken offense at the video because they think Eli is being exploited, and that we are laughing at him. Honestly, I know I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm actually laughing with Eli...he comes off better than anyone else in this video, even if his eyes do roll back like The Undertaker's. I could quote this guy for days. And I'm not the only one that loves him; multiple websites sell Eli Porter t-shirts, and there's even a
pretty sick remix of Lil' Wayne's "A Milli" with an Eli Porter sample on the beat. I would love to record a song with Eli, and I mean that sincerely. Now, you might say, "Joey, you're not a musician!" To which I would reply: BAM, BITCH.

So come on, Eli Porter, wherever you are. Hit me up. Let's make history.


Anonymous said…
I didn't think this vid was all that funny aside from the host rubbing all up on one of his judges. I thought Eli was aight, courageous in fact to drop a Rosie O' Donnell reference.

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